Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dexters for sale Spring 2020

We are pleased to offer the following Dexters for sale:

Moosters Juliet Capulet (ADCA #040458) and steer calf
  • Very friendly and sweet, easy to handle/halter/lead
  • DOB: 9/26/16
  •  A2/A2 milk protein
  • Heterozygous polled
  • Wild red color (E+/E+) and carries dun
  • Sells with red steer calf born 3/14/20 

Relaxo Eaden (ADCA #036521) and heifer calf   
  • DOB 11/26/14
  • A2/A2 milk protein
  • Dehorned
  • Black, carried red and may carry dun
  • Gentle halter trained cow that is easy to get along with and in the middle of the herd "pecking order"
  • Sells with black heifer calf "Elvea" (ADCA registration pending) born 1/26/20

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